1st line: instrument price in USD (recalculated to USD, if traded in different currency)
2nd line: instrument price in ; price adjustment:
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MidasQuotes Market Data (MQMD) helps to visualize the real performance of various stock markets and individual stocks.

  • When investigating performance of non-US stock markets it's important to consider currencies relative price changes;
  • When looking at historical data it's important to consider changes of currency buying power. The difference is noticeable for period of several years, it becomes dramatic for a few decades of data;
  • If you have any doubts in stability of U.S. dollar, or any other national currency, you might be interested to see how stock markets would look like if we had the gold standard.

MQMD does all above: it converts market data from different countries to one currency, clears historical data from inflation/deflation, and presents market data quoted in amounts of physical gold or other basic commodities.

Market data converted to more currencies and commodities is available with advanced subscription; premium subscription allows to build a synthetic currency based on a custom set of currencies, commodities and services.