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MidasQuotes Loan Calculator (MQLC) helps to calculate an accurate value of loan repayment.

  • Even for personal loan between relatives one need to consider changes of currency buying power, especially if loan is for the long term;
  • At the same time, any attempt to predict inflation rate is unreliable and will end up with repayment value unfair for one of parties;
  • Plenty of web services are recalculating money amounts to U.S. dollars of specific year, but none of known to us is designed to work with complex transactions consisting of multiple payments to both sides.

MQLC allows to calculate fair repayment value considering the inflation for complex transactions. If desired, you can add a risk premium as simple or complex % applied to the inflation-adjusted value calculated above. Or, if you tend to trust the gold standard, you can calculate loan and repayment as amounts of physical gold.